What to Expect

Each Physical Therapy session combines a unique blend of exercise, education, and foundation. Participants can expect a yoga influenced program integrated into a rehabilitative model.



Yoga means to yoke; or to mend the body, mind, and spirit. Yoga offers an opportunity for us to rediscover our inner potential. It allows ourselves to move more deeply with the breath while moving with greater bodily awareness. Yoga allows the inner journey to guide the experiential path. Physically, Yoga creates more resilience, lightness, flexibility, strength, balance, and youthfulness in the practitioner. B2M emphasizes the foundational movements from a Vinyasa or dynamic flow.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy does not only help to restore, prevent, and guide individuals through the healing process, but also helps return their quality of life. Physical Therapy uses various interventions to create a baseline level of activity that can be used to create meaningful goals. Born to Move combines the foundations of strength, wellness, mindset, and hands on components to kick start a well rounded program for each individual. A physician referral and diagnosis is required.

Other Services that may be offered with your session

Myofascial Release (MFR)

The fascial system plays an integral part in movement, rehabilitation, and daily bodily function. Fascia is the webbing, connective tissue, that surrounds all of our systems in the human body. It is composed of 80% collagen and 20% elastin components. It also has a crystalline fluid filled ground substance. When this ground substance solidifies through trauma, overuse, or injury; pain occurs. The once freely gliding hydrated system is now restricted, dehydrated, and can cause severe discomfort over pain sensitive structures. Myofascia Release is a safe effective hands on approach that breaks the pattern. Due to its properties, the hand holds are held for longer durations inorder to melt through the collageneous barrier and restore the ground substance. MFR will help optimize body performance, reduce pain, and increase proprioception. Myofascial Release is also offered as a separate service.



Kettlebells offer dynamic strength, tensioned flexibility, power, and endurance that will carry over into athletics, asanas, and into our everyday lives. Being stronger allows the capability of performing tasks more efficiently, optimally, with better quality, and with less chance of injury. Training with Kettlebells is not only a great way to stay strong, but it is also a way to stay healthy, prevent disease, and increase positive cardiovascular effects within the body. Kettlebells and strength training are not limited to one population. All populations can participate and gain the benefits that kettlebells have to offer. Modifications will always be provided.

Balance & Movement Screens


FREE 15 -30 minute Balance and Movement Screens are now being offered. If you are wondering whether or not you are at risk for falls or instability come check us out in this quick session. If you are an athlete or an active individual, the basic movement assessment will identify any areas in need of improvement to optimize your daily movement practice. For both inquiries please sign up on the appointments page.